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mostly in 40's, where temperatures approaching 50, we will see rain. we will see when you can expect some clearing. >> you can get the forecast as it updates anywhere, anytime. we have current conditions. >> of the breaking news we first brought you, trading firm mysterious illness. live in northwest baltimore tonight with an update for us, our emergency responders. >> right behind the rotunda the
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entire south building was evacuated today. people are being wheeled out of the building. officials tell us this started with in 911 call and quickly escalated, there could be some kind of issue outside the building. >> multiple people considering illness, there was an alarm that was dispatched. conduct in every possible test, they are chasing
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down every possible lead here. they told me the cafeteria located in the south building has been shut down in, it remains closed, no word if it will be opened tomorrow. >> baltimore city police are looking at an armed robbery. two female employees were around this afternoon at around 300 block downtown. on the third floor of the building. two cases of a baltimore county
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neighborhood who was contaminated during a gasoline spill. they decided exxon mobile. initially ordered by a jury back in 2011. a it was in 2006 with gasoline leaked into the jacksonville community impacting households. the aftermath of the incident, also revoked was close to $500 million. >> arguing to keep law that allows dna samples to be taken at the time of arrest to stay on the books. >> the most important case of its kind to be heard in decades. >> dna is increasingly -- it is
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limiting on when it can be collected. 28 states and the federal government copy what maryland does, collected dna samples. no conviction necessary, first. >> the use of technology that tells you exactly who did the crime and who did not do the crime would be lost to the state. >> one of them is at the center of this case. alonzo king was arrested in the county. police took the dna and matchstick of an unsolved rape to a woman. the court of appeals agreed that the taking of the dna violated the fourth amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure.
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the conviction was overturned and the supreme court will have the final word. >> when the government conducts a search, it needs to have either a warrant and something else, and in this case, the government had neither. >> some justices. it is effective, right? you're not suggesting the state would swap students for dna? identifying those that commit crimes.
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a decision by the court is expected in june. at the supreme court, wbal tv 11 news. >> 25-year-old justin beaumont's mental health status has been under review the last three weeks. he made his way, handguns and ammunition. they are due for a review tomorrow morning. there are three days left, and we have team coverage of what it means for you. tim has been monitoring the massive impact and we will continue with steve in washington who is monitoring the latest.
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>> 64% of the polls said that republicans are taking a partisan approach and that is the finding that seems to validate the obama battle plan. >> of the effect of the seemingly inevitable across the board cuts, president obama went to a shipyard, workers here would be furloughed. >> these cuts are not smart or fair. work and make money, we can't go to the shop. >> i love my job. >> across the nation, sequestration has millions concerned.
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>> we might be facing this early or something like that. >> this was virginia last night. >> when will the republican party stand up to this man and stop him? >> fanning the flames of catastrophe. claiming the only way out is more government and higher taxes. >> targeting the education cuts to have the least effect. the house speaker said he sent a plan to senate democrats twice. but the president today rejected targeting cuts. >> there is no smart way to do that. you don't want to have to choose between closing funding for the disabled kid or the poor kid? >> and with three days left,
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though talks are reported to try to avoid the cuts. >> maryland educators among those bracing for deep budget cuts if the sequestration becomes a reality. cuts could be extremely painful for baltimore city. >> of maryland is going about the numbers they got from the white house more than $14 million to be cut from the title one program that pays for educational services for disadvantaged children across the state, most of them in baltimore city. more than half of the schools rely on title 1 funds. the largest federally funded education program in the nation. money set aside the target students in the classroom. that is why the superintendent is concerned with what is taking
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place on capitol hill. >> we have extra teachers, they can have smaller classrooms and they will need more attention. we have professionals that support the teachers' and make sure those shoulder and can get tutoring or mentoring when they need to have it. >> money that pays the salaries of teachers and staff and work with children with disabilities. that is why they are keeping a close watch. >> ha occupational therapists, physical therapists, they all need it. >> a small number of maryland teachers feeling the effects of budget cuts. coming out of the recession.
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increase that, we need to save these jobs. >> hundreds of students could lose their aid. >> cuts will also affect headstart programs. >> hundreds of thousands of people have watched videos and listens to his music. >> but the latest internet sensation has authorities concerned. why the artist is at the center of a police investigation. >> high above the earth and high-risk, aging weather satellites
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>> old man winter is being kind of cruel to the midwest. the eagles club in misery collapsing under hot -- you may not see it, but it collapsed behind a local reporter, they have been bearing the brunt of the blizzard. another problem is the frigid wind making it really difficult to keep the road clear. the weather has been blamed for three deaths.
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forecasters are raising concerns about the aging weather satellites. >> they may not be launched in time, threatening the accuracy for years to come. dodge the government accountability office says the problem is so critical that for the first time, the weather satellites has been placed on the high risk list. they serve as an early-warning system, a sort of weather satellites send critical data. >> it is like giving us forecast authority. >> the satellite soundly early warning. >> there are fundamental to the protection of life, property, and national security of the country.
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>> federal agencies are working to launch replacements, but there are technical problems and management challenges. the result could be a one-four year gap in satellite data. >> that means we will step back and look at it. >> extreme weather warnings will not come as early, the prediction for super storm sandy would not have shown that turned to the west. >> all of those people in new york and new jersey would not have been warned. >> a statement was issued, of funding shortfalls have proposed challenges to the satellite development.
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a gap in satellite coverage will still have forecasting capability. >> it was not that long ago when we started the weather satellites. >> it is unbelievable, really. >> let's hope that doesn't come about. not satellite, radar is a big improvement in the weather conditions the past few decades. rain is spread across the baltimore area at this hour. to the south and east of us, we have its switch over to the winter weather. it mixes with sleet and snow,
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unfortunately some freezing rain. use extreme caution, they probably should not go out that way. wait until it moves a little bit. around here, we had a little sleep mixed in, but temperatures have kept the reign of the exception of a little bit around the beginning. that is why we are dealing with soggy conditions. columbia at 43 degrees, pasadena at 43. a little chillier, still above freezing. western maryland, the colder valley in eastern in garrett county where temperatures are near freezing. the winter storm warning remained in effect for conditions and accumulations. here tonight, rain and fog in the area, temperatures holding
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nearly steady with east wind at 5-15 miles an hour. this is associated with the storm system. hurricane force on the backside of this storm and producing snow across the upper midwest, this area of low pressure is bringing us the wet weather of the coast. anywhere from the mountains and a healthy snowfall expected in 24 hours. this is across the chicago area, mich., and pockets near the great lakes and northern sections of upstate new york as well. snow lay out there and wet, they're likely to taper off early tomorrow morning, and we expect to see some sunshine breakthrough that cloud over tomorrow. this will really warm things up while the cold moves back into
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the mountains. likely to reach the low and mid 50's. tomorrow morning at 6:42. the water temperatures are still in chile, western maryland with icy conditions tonight and flurries on thursday. eastern shore locations, steady rain tonight at sunshine breakthrough tomorrow before cooling off on thursday. we will get close to 60 tomorrow, a shower might pop up on thursday. scattered showers tomorrow morning, partly cloudy in the afternoon. sunny skies on friday in the first weekend in march a little cooler than normal. >> aviation commanders say it has been the most exciting day of their career.
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>> smiling ear to ear when we come back. >> wait till you see what the hot sky team uncovered at 6:00. >> donating time to helping
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>> hoyer arriving at martin state airport this morning, to new choppers. the first of a brand new fleet, most of the helicopters are more than 20 years old. they're not just excited about the aircraft, but new equipment on board as well. >> i can pick an altitude hawk and a position, it will harbour that aircraft for you. >> is upgrading to the 2000, that means a stronger engines and search technology. there will be using that for law enforcement and home security. breaking news out of washington where we learned the senate has
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voted to confirm chuck hagel. ending a very contentious fight over president obama's choice for the position to be part of a national security team. the republicans cast him as overly critical of israel. the secretary is stepping down after four years. >> more young women are being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. seattle researchers study the data and found a 2% increase. young women typically have a worse prognosis because they're less likely to be screened for breast cancer. tumors tend to be more aggressive and less likely to have health insurance.
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a new study says that gastric bypass surgery may not be just for weight-loss anymore. researchers followed several patients. those that other when the bypass surgery were more likely to have restored function to their pancreas, even eliminating diabetes months after the procedure. it is what helps restore the pancreas to full health and even produce insulin again. it is the number one killer in the united states. there may be a solution made from fat tissue. these regenerative cells found in a person's own extra fat, they hope that the official part will be ready for patients in 10 years or so.
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>> a surprising ruling for the judge accused of brutally killing three young relatives. they may have an uphill battle getting ready for next month's trial. >> become forbids a fond farewell to baltimore. farewell to baltimore.
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>> holding a cellphone and your hand while driving could become a primary offense in maryland. the committee is considering legislation that would allow police to pull you over for holding a cellphone while driving just as they do when they suspect a motorist is drinking while driving. >> is there any discussion about what would be the penalty? >> it could get you a point against your license and a $500 fine. the primary reason for all of this is safety. >> quickly, you become concerned. you can see the potential danger and the distractions. it bothered state delegates for
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wildfowl. >> you pull up behind somebody and the speed limit is 65 and they're doing 45. they don't get out of the way, they are either testing or are on their phone. >> he has been trying to keep funds out of the hands of drivers while their operating vehicles. they think lawmakers will go along with house bill 753. >> i am more confident than ever that we have the votes to get that out of committee. if we get it out of committee, we have the votes on the floor. >> the administrator offered support. >> over 4.1 million licensed drivers in the state, over 250,000 drivers routinely using a hand-held device while they're
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driving. that is a potential risk and crash waiting to happen. >> plenty of drivers it meant talking on phones driving behind the wheel even though they recognize it is dangerous. aaa supports a strong turlock. >> if i'm driving right next to a police officer, he can't stop me unless i have met another violation. we think this will make the existing statute more enforceable. >> they have worked closely with the senate committee, making sure holding a cellphone becomes a primary offense. >> we want you to take our pledge. don't drive distracted. there you'll find a link to download.
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>> the u.s. supreme court is reviewing a maryland law that allows police to take dna samples that are not yet convicted of a crime. the case in question surrounds a man that was arrested for assault in 2009. the justices will now decide if this practice violates the fourth amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure. 500 employees evacuated from the administrative building this morning, 17 people were transported to the hospital with a variety of illness symptoms. as matt crews have wrapped up their part of the investigation after conducting tests. because of the illness has yet to be identified.
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they are chasing every possible lead including food poisoning. details on the horrific murder trial, we have learned key pieces of evidence have been ruled inadmissible. it includes testimony from a witness serving time for murder. dna evidence cannot be used because of the way it was collected. the brutally killed the children in 2004 and the case is scheduled for a third trial next month. >> the hospital ship set sail, humanitarian missions around the world for 25 years. >> a few workers and security personnel showing up at the marine terminal early tuesday morning as the comfort shoves
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off for the last time. >> we got to know, they became notionally attached. it is like a family. the comfort was that it was a home for them here. >> a supertanker turned hospital ship was delivered in december of 1987. the primary function is to provide a floating medical facility for international disaster. in january of 2010, it was deployed after a 7 magnitude earthquake struck. 900 patients were treated and hundreds of surgeries performed. it also provides medical care throughout the caribbean and south america. why does it need to leave baltimore?
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>> it puts it closer to the ocean, closer to the nation's and it is color kidded with medical treatment personnel. it is the medical task force involved with bichette and the cost-saving initiatives for the attacks there. >> comfort will dock and prepare for the next humanitarian mission. it is hard to believe, especially for those on the docks that she is not coming back. >> investigators know what caused last month a cozy fire. dawson have trays that fire back to where it came from. >> and one of the deadliest
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accident that caused a government investigation. government investigation.
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>> investigators say the flames were ignited when grapes came in contact with a baseboard heater. a fire broke out causing $200,000 of damage. they were killed in that blaze, for other family members were injured. >> it was meant to be a beautiful tour of ancient egypt, but it ended in tragedy when a hot air balloon fell over 1,000 feet. tourists died in the valley of the came when it plummeted to the ground and a ball of fire. passengers left to their deaths before it crashed in a sugar cane field. authorities have let safety standards fall amid political
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instability in egypt. >> what we have seen, where the accident had been, it fell from the sky. >> it was licensed and in working order. pope benedict the sixteenth will make his final address tomorrow and the vatican is revealing what life will look like for him. he will continue to wear white and brown shoes he received in mexico. he will be called his holiness. they have told cardinals to move of the conclave, but the meeting won't begin until next week. >> cars and trucks might be the next internet hotspots.
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>> you could get internet behind the wheel. >> hitting more than 200,000 views on line, but police say lil poopie is a lil yellow. >> the forecast, coming next.
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>> here is what is coming up at 6:00. misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding the gun control bill is about to be consuming the senate.
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and the countdown the sequestration continues, a look at how the cuts can impact education in maryland. education in maryland.
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>> he is wrapping in videos about machine guns and groupies, the problem is that he is only nine. child welfare officials are investigating his father. we have that story from boston. >> show this video and you get some interesting reactions. >> that is terrible. >> absolutely inappropriate. >> these local parents to get
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uneasy when they see this rapper slapping a woman repeatedly on the buttocks. >> it is very not appropriate. >> they are reacting to the sensation. >> he calls himself a cocaine cowboy mmx sex with a woman on the dance floor. >> watched the videos and there is absolutely no crime he has committed. >> boston police have reported the video, they are investigating if it is on the level of neglect. >> school always comes first. he just happens to have an exceptional talent. >> parents say they don't approve but think it is his right and others say something
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has got to change. >> even with the talent he may have. >> the reporter tells us that police have not filed criminal charges or arrested his father but they are looking into charges of child abuse or neglect. >> rain continues to fall for most of central and eastern maryland this evening and radar is showing a little brighter return there. probably some heavy rain coming a horse and sleet mixed in. we get those reflect of particles in the atmosphere. there is some snow, sleet, and freezing rain. they're still under a winter storm warning. and ice accumulation on some of
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the surfaces. you will run into some icy conditions. you may have to unfortunately travel in that direction. it is rain towards its burgundy's journal i/o but these colder areas where there is ice and snow. check temperatures across the area. in oakland, many of the colder valleys have chilly air locked in. it will be a little slick, in western maryland. closer to 50 degrees. an advisory for much of the virginia panhandle. the high today was 42 degrees, colder than the normal. the average is closer to 50 degrees in march, 26 for the morning low. at the airport so far, just
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under 0.1 inches. we are running a deficit of about 1.24 inches for the month and have finished below normal for the year. the area of clouds centered in southern illinois, this is a big storm. it is winding down a little bit. a new one is forming. it will keep us going to die. now through tomorrow evening, you see some of the dark blues and purples getting out there. still a healthy snow producer, it is to the north and west, icy conditions lender. the early tomorrow morning, the showers and and by lunchtime, we will see the clearing. a late they sprinkle who once
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the sun comes out at temperatures tomorrow above normal. tomorrow we hold steady, temperatures 51-56 as the sun breaks out and the wind shifts to the west. the forecast calls for temperatures to climb tomorrow, cool off a little bit on thursday and we begin march with sunshine and a high of 45. the weekend looks chile, -- chilly. >> in tonight's consumer alert, 4000 jobs expected to be cut with j.p. morgan chase. it will amount to 1.5% of the total work force. this comes after the increased both profit and revenue. the move could signal a new direction in jobs as the bank said 1200 jobs last year after adding in the previous two years. the housing market might be
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getting back on its feet. when they have the adjusted annual rate, marking the highest sales in july of 2008. a supply of new homes was unchanged last month. it is reported at the current sales pace it would take four months to exhaust the number of new homes for sale and this would encourage new home construction. baltimore ranks no. 4 when it comes the vehicle nullity. it found an average income household can only afford the average light truck indicating americans are spending too much on their cars. buyers should follow a down payment of 2%, financing no longer than four years and principal interest not exceeding
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10% of the gross income. the average price paid was $30,550. forget the coffee shop, your car or truck might be your next hot spot. adding wireless service in the u.s. and canada. gm says the feature will allow you to ditch that hold a player in the stream video to the back seat. it will boost the navigation system allowing for real-time traffic updates. a texas data concerned about inappropriate stuff on social networks allowed him to develop software that lets parents can
5:52 pm
act and pick up on foul language, bullying, even violence. >> it is something that is basically gone recognition, not that as an image is bad, but if you can connect that with other activities, it could be in sight that somebody is getting ready to harm themselves. >> it is supposed to provide parents with the tool to help them help kids be safer online. it is not necessarily what kids are looking for but a who is looking at them. >> baltimore, you have got to get out more. this afternoon, the local bishop of was under way and organized hoping to boost business.
5:53 pm
this is the second year of that campaign would select a few local restaurants. the debate over gun control continues in annapolis. that bill would ban assault style weapons and would require purchasers to be fingerprinted. david collins explains at 6:00. >> one of the police stations is getting a facelift.
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>> the home depot employees donated their time to help the men and women in blue. >> in the southeastern police precinct is getting a makeover top to bottom. >> the renovation project started a year ago, updating a building from the 1950's. the project got a big boost with the help of more than 100 volunteers bring in manpower and supplies. >> of a lot of paint was dropped off, all different types of
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products. we are also able to get a lot of tools from the tool bank and a wave of the fees. >> of volunteers spent the day painting the walls and pouring concrete. they will become the new detectives offices, grateful for the health and volunteers happy to give back to men and women in blue. >> they will be doing things for the baltimore city police, they are great for individuals and they helped the city a lot. >> not many people are willing to do what they do to put their life on the line. it doesn't compare to the things they do day and and day out. >> this will give the officers a greater sense of pride and ultimately help them do their
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jobs more effectively. >> we're amending relationships, building new relationships. we are building a police departmentith a better community. >> the officers planned to renovate the fitness center. >> very nice job. that is all for us at 5:00. >> engaging in activity they don't want the public to see. >> will their decision limit when dna can be collected? >> and how will possible education cuts affect maryland schools?
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>> your watching wbal tv 11. live, local, latebreaking. >> our story tonight at 6:00, misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding the governor's gun-control bill is said to be consuming the said act. -- senate. >> some people say we need this bill because they are falling through the cracks. >> you hear a lot about the gun show loophole, and there is no loophole and maryland. >> is the license person or forgotten? >> person. >> i can use that license to buy a gun once a month? >> exactly. >> the required new gun purchasers applying for licenses

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